The Main Room

The Main Room features a leading edge sound and lighting system, a 1930 ft2 stage, full concert facilities, and a cyclorama projection screen. The main room is a licensed area with three bars. The floor is standing with an option to install seating (pictured).

STAGE: 1930 ft2
Floor to deck of stage: 39”
Clearance from deck of stage to lights: 17.5 ft

Risers available upon request

FLOOR: 4650 ft2

The Balcony

The Balcony, a mezzanine space overlooking the Main Room, which features 258 plush seats, and a dedicated bar. All seats have an unobstructed sight-line to the stage.

Mac Hall

Mac Hall is a self contained space with a capacity of 250 people featuring a separate sound and lighting system, as well as a bar, food and coat check area to be used by patrons prior to event doors opening.

Technical Specifications

Audio System

Main PA

16 EV XLC127DVX 3 Way Line Array (8 per Side)

6 X-Line Xsub Dual 18”

1 Meyer Galileo 616 (Not Located at FOH)

12 EV P3000RL DSP Power Amplifiers

PA system can be run full range Stereo or subs on Aux


Front of House

1 Digico SD9


Monitor System

1 Digico SD9

1 64×24 D-Rack

7 EV XW15 Bi-Amped Monitor

1 EV XW15 Bi Amped Monitor (Listen)

1 EV ETX 15S Powered Drum Sub

2 QSC 4 Mix Amp Racks


Stage Equipment

6 Shure SM 58

6 Shure SM57

4 Sennheiser E614

4 Sennheiser E604

1 Sennheiser E602

8 Radial Pro Direct Boxes

2 Shure SLX Wireless w/SM58 Handhelds






8 ETC S4 Junior Zoom 25/50 Degree (FOH)

8 Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375z  (Above Stage)

16 LED Par (Above Stage)

2 LED Pars (Downstage side pipes)

6 ETC Source 4 Parnell w/Barn Door (Downstage side pipes)

4 ETC Source 4 Parnell w/Barn Door (Above Stage 1st Electric)

1 40’ Back Drop Pipe on Pulley



1 MA2 on PC touchscreen

1 MA2 Command wing

1 MA2 Fader Wing



1 Martin Magnum Hazer ZR24